Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pregnancy update

Apologies for the month offline -- I seem to be saying that with every post lately. My DE pregnancy is going just fine, but I have had all-day, all-night nausea. I've got my coping mechanisms though, and I should be coming out of it soon since I'll be 12 weeks this coming Wednesday. I graduated to the regular OB and had my first visit...got to hear the tiny little drum that is my baby's heartbeat! It was great.

Not much other news...I declined getting a lot of the genetic testing because I know that I won't terminate either way. They'll do a blood test on me at about 15 weeks or so, to allow us to be prepared in case there is actually something wrong. So now I just wait for my monthly OB appointment.

Be well, everyone (if there are any readers left!) :D